Hanukkah coloring pages

Ḥanukkah coloring pages are dedicated to the beautiful Jewish holiday, which is celebrated from the evening of November 28th and ends on the evening of December 6th. Hanukkah coloring pages for children can be downloaded and printed for free in any format individually or all at once in very good quality. Usually the most convenient format for coloring is A4, so we recommend downloading the coloring pages in one PDF file.
Chanukah colorings are lighting candles in a Hanukkah lamp, a festive table, Jewish symbols, joy and cleansing of the entire Jewish people.
Colorings for holiday Hanukkah will appeal to children of all ages, boys and girls, kids and teenagers. This is a wonderful educational material for art activities in kindergarten or school. Children will learn the history, traditions and features of the celebration of Hanukkah in Israel, feel the kind and atmosphere of the holiday.
The history of Hanukkah dates back to 422 BC, when Judea lost its independence. The invaders adhered to Hellenism, but were loyal to the faith of the Jewish people. With the coming to power in Syria of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, religious transformations took place. All Jewish traditions were forbidden, including the Torah. The inhabitants of Judea could not give up their faith, and created free Jewish communities. The rebels defeated the punitive forces and liberated Jerusalem under the leadership of Maccabeus. The Jerusalem temple needed to be restored and re-consecrated. To carry out the ritual, it was necessary to light the fires using special olive oil. All the jugs of oil were desecrated, and only a small vessel was found. This amount of oil was not enough to burn the fire in the ritual lamp, but the priests lit the menorah. A miracle happened, the fire burned for all the prescribed 8 days. In memory of this, Hanukkah is celebrated annually in Israel with the obligatory lighting of fires.

Hanukkah coloring pages to print or download

For your convenience and economy of time, we suggest you download all Hanukkah coloring pages in one file in PDF or ZIP format.

Hanukkah coloring 1
Hanukkah coloring 2
Hanukkah coloring 3
Hanukkah coloring 4
Hanukkah coloring 5
Hanukkah coloring 6
Hanukkah coloring 7
Hanukkah coloring 8
Hanukkah coloring 9
Hanukkah coloring 10
Hanukkah coloring 11
Hanukkah coloring 12
Hanukkah coloring 13
Hanukkah coloring 14
Hanukkah coloring 15
Hanukkah coloring 16
Hanukkah coloring 17
Hanukkah coloring 18
Hanukkah coloring 19
Hanukkah coloring 20
Hanukkah coloring 21
Hanukkah coloring 22
Hanukkah coloring 23

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