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The film «Soul» directed by Pixar, won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Coloring pages from this cartoon with beautifully drawn characters will delight children with their liveliness and originality.
Coloring pages of «Soul» will be interesting for children who have watched the cartoon or are going to watch. Coloring pages can be downloaded and printed for free in any format individually or all at once in very good quality. Usually the most convenient format is A4, so we advise you to download the coloring pages directly in PDF format.
The main characters of the Soul coloring pages is the music teacher Joe, who dreams of playing jazz. When he is almost there, misfortune befalls him. His soul must go to a refuge for all departed souls, but it ends up in a place where souls are just beginning to be born. There he becomes the mentor of a restless soul 22 who does not want to live on earth. Joe really wants to return to his body, and he makes a deal with her. Living on earth among people, technology, and a host of other interesting things, 22 begins to understand that she wants to stay on the earth. She fell in love with life and received a pass into it, which, according to the contract, must be given to Joe. Joe returns to his body, plays jazz with the famous jazz diva, and becomes completely happy. But this euphoria quickly passes, and he feels guilty in front of 22, from whom he took a ticket to life. Joe gives 22 tickets back to life without regret, because everything he dreamed about has come true. On the way to the Great Beyond, he is stopped, and given another chance at life.
Soul coloring pages will really appeal to children of all ages, because in this cartoon everything is beautiful, from the work of artists, animation, graphics, music, ending with a deep philosophical meaning and the message «Carpe Diem».

Soul coloring pages to print or download

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